Education Web Solutions (EWS) is excited to be introducing you to our latest business venture, EWS Business Solutions.

EWS feels we have perfected our expertise and knowledge in web design in an educational context and therefore thought, why not expand our skills to help all businesses?

Despite previously only advertising our Adelaide based company as ‘Education Web Solutions’ we have already helped a vast range of both educational institutions and small businesses. However, we thought it was time to officially expand our services. After All, this was the logical next step in the growth of our business. Which is why we are introducing to you, EWS Business Solutions, the solution for your business needs.  Check out the work we have done for businesses previously, here.

We hope that by providing this service, we can assist all businesses from start-ups to established businesses. EWS Business Solutions is excited to share our team of entrepreneurs, qualified graphic designers, web developers and digital experts. Our team has a background in web services for schools and the Department for Education. With experience in growing our own business and a range of others, we have the skills to help take your business to the next level.

So, what services have we got to offer you?

EWS Business Solutions is offering you everything you need to grow the online presence and awareness of your business. We know it can be overwhelming and challenging to figure out what is involved in setting up your website and developing your business. This is why we want to go above and beyond website design by offering you a range of services and packages to get the most out of your business. We offer both photography and video/animation, perfect for increasing website engagement, online ads and ensuring your website appears professional in every aspect.

With our extensive experience in graphic design we can design creative and unique logos and graphics. We can also design uniforms, create business cards and signage for your business. These days branding your business plays a crucial role in setting your business apart from competitors. What better way to do this than by the use of a logo that can be presented across your website, on uniforms, merchandise and business cards. And who better to create your logo than our team of experienced graphic designers?

We’re sure you are aware of the increasing benefits of your business keeping up to date with social media as this is the easiest way to connect with a large portion of potential customers. We know how challenging it can be to regularly update your social media with engaging and relevant content which is why we are also offering social media management.

But let’s not forget the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge we wish to share with you. Michael and Peter, the two partners of EWS and EWS Business Solutions know all about running a company and know how to get the most out of your websites. EWS Business Solutions is about more than providing you with a website. We want to provide you with a unique mix of services and experience creating the ultimate formula for growing your business.

As you can tell, we want to provide you with more than just a website. As we said, we have packages suiting the needs of all different businesses and individuals. Whether you are a start-up business looking to create your first website ever, have an entrepreneurial flare or are looking for someone to take care of it all. Find the package that is best for your business. We have ‘The Start Up’, ‘The Entrepreneur’ and ‘The Big Boy’. Not quite what you are looking for? No worries, just select the services you need. Want to take a look at our options for yourself? Checkout a detailed look into our services here.

Businesses looking to increase their online presence
  • Affordable prices, find the package that suits your needs or just select the services you require.
  • Excellent ongoing customer service and communication.
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