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Lab 46

We’re always looking out for value for our clients, and schools in general within South Australia.  As some of you may know we are avid basketball fans and we know first-hand how much a positive impact sport and physical activity can have on a child’s development.

We sat down with the head trainer, Gabriel Saldavia of Lab 46 to discuss how his school programs can help assist the growth and development of your students.,

Gab says “I have been working with kids individually, in small groups and doing school clinics with a main focus on the sport of basketball. I have dealt with many different kids and their personalities, finding that basketball is much more than just a sport. With my own clients, I’ve taken a big notice in how I can positively affect the learning abilities of all students during my sessions”

Aside from confidence building in skills, the most important aspect of Lab 46’s basketball schools’ program is building a young child’s confidence and constantly challenging them to achieve.  Gab ensures that his training sessions are not only a tool for learning and inspiration but most importantly that his students are having a great time in the process.

“That’s my main focus in our skills session. Kids who take part in my basketball program display improved endurance, finer motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This all helps boost energy levels and their general well-being, which also helps with concentration levels into the classroom

Becoming involved with basketball, or any sport at an early age helps kids develop psychologically. Participating in a team sport also highlights the importance of working together to achieve their goals and value the role of team-mates. Basketball especially teaches children the importance of communication skills, the important value of listening to one another and effectiveness of teamwork.

Discipline is another thing that is touched on but must be treated carefully, there is a fine line between pushing things over the edge, but it doesn’t have to mean strictly punishments. Discipline can come from many areas of the sport such as, abiding by game regulations and rules, taking direction from officials, showing respect and listening to coaches and fellow peers involved. This will help kids understand the importance of showing respect for others and listening, both on and off the court

In conclusion, reverting back to my main focal point in why I do all of this; to build a kid’s character as they journey through life. I want to be a mentor to the younger generation, I truly believe that utilising basketball to be a part of a child’s life can contribute hugely to their self-esteem. Being in a supportive environment with positive energy is an invaluable asset to helping kids enjoy the program learning new skills and staying active, which in turn will benefit results in the classroom!”

If you would like to book Lab 46 at your school, reach out to Lab 46’s Facebook page to learn more.